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All About My Wedding Photography Style

Wedding Photography Styles

When planning your wedding, one of the first things you start researching is wedding photography. Throughout the planning process, you will see many images of other weddings. You will come across many different photographers. Each photographer has their own experience and style. You want to find a photographer who will capture your wedding day in a beautiful way that will preserve your memories forever. One of the most important things to know about wedding photography is that there are different popular photography styles. It’s essential to learn about these styles and find a photographer with a style you love that suits your special day. Here I will break down six common wedding photography styles and a little bit about each style:

Dark and Moody

Dark and moody editing brings out the drama in an image. Poses are typically more serious, and your photos will come out with darker, less vibrant colors. Photographers who shoot in this style use creative lighting techniques. Dark and moody photography is common in adventure-style weddings.

Light and Airy

Light and airy wedding photography is another popular style. Images contain bright whites and lighter, pastel colors, creating a romantic feeling. Light and airy wedding photography is popular at ballroom and barn weddings.


Documentary-style wedding photography is a style where candid and unposed moments are captured. The images look like images that might appear in a newspaper or news magazine. Also, the photos feature true-to-life colors. Many couples who plan outdoor weddings, like vineyard or orchard weddings, choose to have a documentary-style wedding photographer.


Editorial photography is styled after photoshoots you would see in magazines. There’s a sense of drama and fashion in this type of wedding photography. Editorial wedding photography is a typical style at luxury weddings.


Traditional wedding photography is the original style of wedding photography. It features posed portraits, like images you have of your parents and grandparents at their wedding. Many types of wedding photography incorporate some traditional posing along with modern styles.

Warm and Dramatic

Another common wedding photography style is warm and dramatic. Warm and dramatic editing features yellows and oranges. In addition, there are typically many golden hour images and other images that are edited to mimic the lighting of the warm evening sun. In certain parts of the country, warm and dramatic wedding photography is more common. For example, in areas like Arizona, where there are deserts, this style fits the landscape beautifully.

true to color golden hour wedding photography style

My Style of Wedding Photography

Each photographer has their own unique style of photography and editing. Some photographers stick to one of the common photography styles, and others create a unique blend of styles that becomes their signature. As I have captured portraits and wedding days, I have developed a unique style. I appreciate the light and airy style of wedding photography, but I also want to incorporate vibrant colors that evoke emotion. Weddings are such a happy occasion, and I believe that your images should reflect that with bright, colorful editing. Golden hour is a beautiful time to capture portraits of a bride and groom after saying their vows, so I like incorporating some images with golden colors without editing purely in a moody style.

wedding photography styles

Colorful, Romantic Wedding Photos

I provide my clients with a wedding photography style that is classy and romantic. The posing I help my clients with brings out the romance of the day in an elegant way. I love a portrait of a couple close together, enjoying each other’s company, but without forcing them to be overly affectionate in front of the camera. Of course, there are times when a serious model pose is needed for photos, but my style is based on being happy at the end of the day. So I encourage my clients to show their joy in front of the camera. As I’ve mentioned, your wedding is a happy time. My wedding photography style brings out the bright, colorful, and cheerful mood of the day.

Finding the Right Style Photographer

Once you have decided what wedding photography style is right for you, it can help you narrow down your options for a wedding photographer. Make sure to ask each photographer you meet with about how they describe their style and how it would fit your wedding setting. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who will capture the joy and romance of your wedding day with natural light and bright colors, please contact me! I’d be happy to capture the moments of your day with my unique wedding photography style.

detail photo getting ready for wedding

July 26, 2022

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