Capturing Love, Creating Memories

The Heart and Artistry Behind Kirsten Prater Photography

Meet Kirsten

Why I'm Obsessed with Capturing Your Memories

Beyond Photography, It's About Heart

My work goes beyond pretty pictures; it's about how I make my clients feel. I'm dedicated to serving my clients exceptionally, ensuring they feel cherished and valued. As I dream big for the future, I envision not only capturing ideal weddings but also leaving a legacy of exceptional service, supported by education and a commitment to the luxury wedding experience.

A Love-Infused Journey

Here the spotlight is on love and unforgettable moments. With a profound passion for the elegance of weddings, I'm driven by the beautiful love stories that unite people on this extraordinary day.

Every Moment is a Fresh Canvas

What keeps me inspired is the knowledge that each wedding day is a unique masterpiece waiting to be painted. I thrive on the excitement of creating fresh, beautiful work with every celebration, capturing those magical moments, and making them last forever.

The Pursuit of Knowledge

my photography journey

In January 2019, I embarked on a journey of continuous improvement by enrolling in photography classes. The quest for knowledge became an inseparable part of my identity, and I embraced my inner photography nerd with pride.


A Leap into the Mirrorless Realm

As I reflect on this journey, I'm thrilled about the road ahead. My commitment to learning and growing as a photographer is unwavering, and I'm excited to continue serving my incredible clients with an ever-evolving luxury photography experience.

The Road Ahead!

A Glimpse of Passion

It all began when I stumbled upon my grandparents' simple point-and-shoot camera while exploring Colorado. Little did I know, this discovery would ignite my passion for photography.I got my pictures quickly, and had a blast taking them.


A Dream Takes Root

January 2018 marked a pivotal moment. It was the time I decided to take this photography thing seriously and ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, launching my own photography business.


The Wedding Chronicles Begin

The fall of 2018 witnessed a significant milestone - my time to shoot a wedding. It was love at first snap, as I found myself immersed in the art of capturing one of life's most cherished events.



Fast forward to January 2023, I made a significant move by upgrading to a mirrorless camera, embracing the cutting edge of photography.

Ready for me to Capture Your Moments?

 Whether it's a wedding, a special event, or a personal photo session, I'm here to turn your moments into masterpieces.

meet my family

The Heart Behind the Lens

Photography isn't just my profession; it's a reflection of my family's core values. I'm fortunate to share my life with the incredible love of my life, Jordan. Our joy knows no bounds with the addition of our sweet, adventurous son, Jasper.

Together, we live on a vibrant farm that's home to a lively bunch of dogs, cats, and Tex, our majestic horse.

As a family, we're not only united by love but also by a shared passion for exploration. Traveling as a unit is our favorite way to embrace life's adventures and introduce Jasper to the wonders of the world. They are my steadfast pillars of support and the driving force behind my unwavering dedication to capturing life's most treasured moments.

The warmth and authenticity that define our family dynamic extend to every session I undertake, making your special moments even more memorable.

We would be a perfect fit if you

Sound like you?

You're open and excited to collaboration. You see your photography session as a partnership where your ideas and vision meet my expertise to create something truly special.

Are Ready to Collaborate

You're seeking more than just photography; you want a luxury experience. You value personalized attention, attention to detail, and exceptional service from start to finish.

Want a Luxury Experience

You believe in celebrating life's milestones, whether it's your wedding day, a senior year, a maternity journey or a family gathering. You want these moments to be beautifully and elegantly documented.

Relish in Life's Milestones

You desire photography that goes beyond the ordinary. You're drawn to the creative and artistic aspect of capturing moments in a unique and beautiful way.

Crave Creativity

You value photography as a means to capture timeless memories. You cherish the idea of revisiting your special moments for generations to come.

Seek Timeless Memories

You appreciate authentic, heartfelt photography. You're looking for images that convey genuine emotions and connections, not just staged poses.

Appreciate Authenticity

Are we meant to be?

I love fall


I mean LOVE! I have a whole sea container full of Fall, Halloween, and Christmas decorations.

Im a huge Harry Potter fan


I watch all the movies while I’m editing.!!

Starbucks Addict.


I can’t get enough iced white chocolate mocha with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle and of course PSL!!

I love to travel


I have been to Hawaii, Wyoming, Montana, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. My dream is to photograph a wedding/elopement in every state!

I can sew and crochet.


Comes in handy as I have sown brides into their dresses before when the zipper broke.

Mama & Wifey


I’m a mom to a sweet little boy and a wife to the best husband around!

fun facts about kirsten

timeless works of art

From the magic of weddings to the warmth of family gatherings and the excitement of senior milestones, my approach is rooted in creativity and authenticity.

Transforming Cherished Moments into

ready to book your Kp photography experience?

I believe that each moment is unique and deserves to be captured in a way that truly reflects your story. Through a keen eye for detail, a passion for genuine emotions, and an artistic touch, I strive to make every image a piece of your heart. Your special moments are not just subjects; they are the essence of who you are, and my goal is to immortalize them beautifully. 

my  mission