I have always loved photography growing up. I remember using my grandparents camera on all of our trips together during the summer. It was a simple point and shoot camera but it started my passion for capturing beautiful moments. Taking trips to Colorado, Wyoming, and Hawaii with my grandparents and them allowing me to develop my sense of adventure and eye for photography has made me into the photographer I am today. 

Wife, mom, and professional wedding and portrait photographer serving Texas and available for travel.

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A lot has changed since then, I'm married to the love of my life, Jordan, and I am a mother to my sweet handsome little boy, Jasper. We have a farm full of dogs, cats and a horse named Tex! We love to travel as a family and take Jasper to explore the world. I've definitely upgraded my camera situation but one thing has never changed, I still have the same love of photography that I've always had and I'm beyond excited to be sharing that love with you. 

my family

I'm so thankful that I met my husband at such an early age of 19. We grew up together, pursued our dream jobs together and now are married with a sweet baby boy whom we love more than anything. Being a wife and mother are the greatest blessings in my life. 

jesus christ

I'm a believer and I believe in being kind and loving to everyone, even to those who may not be kind and loving in return. In my experience, they need it the most. 

our farm

I'm a huge animal lover and if my husband would allow it, we would have many more animals then we have now. (He is the sensible one in our relationship) So far we have dogs, cats, chickens, and a horse named Tex! 

sweet tea

Sweet tea is a staple in our home but I'm sure that is every Texan. I'm sure my veins are full of sweet tea at this point. That and Dr. Pepper! 

mexican food

I could eat Tex Mex and authentic Mexican food all day every day. Total comfort food for me and I definitely ate my weight in Mexican food when I was pregnant with my baby boy. 


Chocolate is the greatest thing invented and I'm totally hooked. Chocolate cake, pie, candy, and ice cream just to name a few of my weaknesses. Why can't it be diet food?


I want to see the world! Ireland is definitely the first on my bucket list. I would love to see where my ancestors came from. But other places I would love to see would be New Zealand, Italy, and Greece. Anyone up for a destination wedding? 


Something about the holidays lights my soul on fire. I tend to have decorations up for each holiday from about Mid September to January. My favorite scents to burn or diffuse during the holidays are sweet pumpkin scents. Nothing better than drinking hot cocoa under a cozy blanket with the smell of sweet pumpkin filling the room. 

harry potter

I have read all of the books and watched all of the movies so many times. I can never get tired of them. #griffindor #always

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