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Wedding Color Scheme Ideas for Each Season

Coordinating Colors for Your Wedding

As you scroll through Instagram and Pinterest to collect inspiration for your wedding day, you will come across many different color schemes. Knowing where to start can be a bit overwhelming. You will see some colors that appeal to you and some that don’t fit your style, but how do you coordinate a color scheme that works for you at your wedding venue? I always recommend starting with a neutral color such as peach, white, or light green. Then pair it with a bold color that will stand out, like a blue, orange, burgundy, or red. Choosing a neutral base color will help your bold color pop, and it will also make your colors look coordinated instead of mismatched. Of course, depending on your venue and the season of your wedding, other factors come into play. Here is some color inspiration for each of the four seasons:

Wedding Colors for Fall


Orange is a popular fall wedding color because it blends with warm colors and the season’s golden sunlight. Burnt orange is especially popular for fall weddings. There are beautiful options for table linens, bridesmaids’ dresses, and groomsmen’s ties in burnt orange. You can also incorporate orange flowers into your bouquets and arrangements.

Mood:  excitement, rejuvenation, warmth


For a deeper color, burgundy is a beautiful option for fall. This sophisticated color brings warmth and fashion to your wedding. Burgundy goes well with all shades of grey, silver, and navy blue. Some ways to incorporate burgundy are your centerpieces, plates, wedding invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses, and groomsmen’s ties.

Mood:  sophisticated, refined, powerful

Forest Green

Forest green is another option for a fall wedding color palette. During all seasons, greens are popular wedding colors, but forest green fits well with a fall wedding. It reminds one of an evergreen tree that stays colorful throughout the four seasons. In addition, forest green goes well with other fall colors to create a balanced palette.

Mood:  fresh, renewed, positive

Winter Wedding Colors


Navy or dark blue looks incredible against a winter backdrop. If you live in a location that gets snow, dark blue creates a gorgeous contrast from the outdoors. Navy is a traditional winter color because of its intensity. Deep blue hues give off feelings of trust and loyalty. Navy blue also goes well with many other colors, from white to red! Navy makes a great color for table linens and groomsmen’s ties.

Mood:  intense, loyal, intelligent

Romantic Red

A dramatic pop of red will set the tone for your winter wedding. Red is commonly associated with romance and will add a luxurious, romantic feeling to your wedding day. Darker reds are popular in the winter as they create contrast with lighter colors. You can incorporate romantic reds into your flowers (red roses), table linens, bridesmaids’ dresses, and groomsmen’s ties.

Mood:  romance, vitality, passion


Deep greens, like emerald green, create an elegant statement. As a result, jewel tones have become increasingly popular for wedding colors. You can combine emerald green with gold, white, or dusty pink. If you are going for a natural vibe, incorporate greenery into your table centerpieces.

Mood:  harmony, balance, health

Wedding Colors for Spring


As the weather gets warmer, you can start to add lighter colors to your wedding color palette. For example, peach is a great base color for spring weddings. It is neutral and goes with many other colors, making it easy to coordinate. In addition, the color peach creates a sweet, pleasant, and friendly feeling. Ways you can incorporate the color peach into your color palette include your flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s ties, centerpieces, plates, and more.

Mood:  elegant, sweet, happy

Light Blue

Light blue is another beautiful color for spring weddings. While darker blues fit well with fall and winter weddings, a less intense soft blue looks incredible in the spring. Light blue creates a peaceful, calm mood and softness that will highlight the delicate moments of a wedding day. You can incorporate light blue into the wrapping of your bouquets, table linens, flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, welcome signs, and more.

Mood:  peaceful, calming, softness

Wedding Colors for Summer

Blush Pink

Blush pink is a trendy color for summer weddings. It is a light, joyful color that still blends very well with other colors, making it an excellent option for a wedding. It is easy to find blush pink bridesmaids’ dresses and decor because of its popularity. You can also incorporate blush pink into your flowers and wedding signs.

Mood:  Joyful, romantic

Eucalyptus Green

A light, muted green is also an excellent choice for a summer wedding. If you want your wedding to have a natural theme, this color is the perfect option because you can use real eucalyptus to decorate. You can also choose eucalyptus green stationery for your wedding invitations, groomsmen’s ties, and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Mood:  Balanced, harmonious

Bringing Your Color Palette to Life

As you choose your colors for your wedding, here are some reminders that will help you choose the best combination for your big day:

  • Try to balance warm and cool tones to balance the ambiance, not being overwhelmingly warm or cool.
  • Take into consideration which metal you will use for your accents when choosing your colors. For example, orange goes better with silver than it does with gold. While there are some exceptions, blue typically looks better with gold than silver.
  • Some colors are harder to find than others. Choosing less common wedding colors isn’t bad, but finding linens, ties, and bridesmaids’ dresses in certain colors might be harder.

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June 16, 2022

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